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May 31, 2018

You’re Great! No, Really! Overcoming a Lack of Self-Confidence for Musicians

One of the hardest parts of being any type of artist is dealing with the vulnerability and self-confidence that standing on stage alone requires. In a world that makes millions of people who seem “better than you” more accessible than ever before, drumming up the courage to perform is no easy feat. How can musicians overcome a lack of self-confidence?

Play In Front of Family and Friends

Before you take the stage in front of strangers, practice performing in front of family members and friends. If you flub a line or make a mistake, you won’t have anything to worry about, since all of these people already love and support you! In the same vein, your family and friends will also be able to give you constructive and loving criticism to help you improve. Almost every famous touring musician started out playing in front of friends and family, so you should do the same.

Focus on Getting Better, Not Being Perfect

Perfection is a futile pursuit, whether you’re a musician or a chef. Focus on improving your playing and performing, not giving a perfect performance. Spending time analyzing your mistakes and beating yourself up over them won’t do anything good for your self-confidence. Instead, set goals for yourself and work towards improving.

Play Live

There is no substitute for playing live! While the first time you play an open mic or showcase might be a disaster, performing is one of the best ways to build a fanbase and build your musical confidence at the same time. As you improve and gain more fans and a better response at shows, you’ll be encouraged to practice and perform even more. This creates a positive feedback loop that will push you to be the best musician that you can be.

Change the Way you Talk to Yourself

Self-talk is the way that you mentally talk to yourself. Do you find yourself having negative and critical thoughts when you make a mistake? Flip the script and speak to yourself the way that you would talk to your closest friend. Instead of dwelling on a single missed note, you would probably tell your friend to focus on the hundreds of correct notes they hit throughout their performance.

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