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Profitable Christian Artist


Manage your release campaigns, sell more and get access to industry experts while saving time and money

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Profitable Christian Artist is my yearlong program for busy, working independent Christian recording artists who desire to grow their music ministry by building a strong and engaged fan base and a dependable team to take care of much of the marketing and artist development tasks necessary for a strong music ministry.

In this program, I help you create your strategy for growing your ministry whether you want to market music you’ve already recorded, or you want to push something new. I’ll help you put together the team you need to take your ministry from little to no engagement to seeing excitement and anticipation for your music and generating income. Profitable Christian Artist is designed with the busy working artist in mind. You will save time and money while at the same time accelerating your growth beyond what you can do on your own. It’s time to get the support you need to move your ministry to the next level!

[asp_product id=”2423″]

14 years in the Music Business

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