Implementation Half Day


Get my professional expertise for a dedicated amount of time on your business to help you move forward.

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An Implementation Half Day is a half-day where we get together for dedicated time and work together on your to do list. I’ll work with you to get your business stuff done. You decide what’s most important to you and we’ll focus on it. You’ll have my expertise on your behalf to move you forward with your music or other business endeavors.

Here are a few items we can get done together:

  • Social media content
  • Website updates
  • Sales campaign
  • Release campaign
  • Upgrade social media branding
  • Ads
  • Etc…

I’ll provide my professional services for your business. At the end of the session, your to do list will be shorter and you’ll be on the path to a bigger audience and more sales.


  • Private session via Zoom video conference
  • Recording of session to review later
  • Detailed plan for your next steps
Follow up 1/2 hour session so make sure implementation is going as planned.

14 years in the Music Business

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