January 13


About my 6-month Monetize Your Music Ministry Coaching Program

I'm Simone Henry and as a Christian music business coach and mentor, my mission is to help independent Christian recording artists brand themselves and build their fan bases so that they can make money with their music and have a successful independent music career.

Monetize Your Music Ministry is my 6-month coaching program for independent Christian recording artists who desire to grow their music ministry by building an engaged audience and training them to be true fans which results in impact on the lives of your audience, a consistent revenue and a solid music career.

In this program, I walk you through my fan journey process designed to turn your followers into true fans. You’ll be able to say with confidence – “I have support for my music and ministry. My fans show up when I need them because I’ve built a bond with them.”

Fan Journey process to monetizing your music ministry on your own terms
  • Branding Bootcamp and Audit
  • Intro Ads
  • Social Media, Email, and Livestream strategies, Internet radio servicing
  • Email Nurturing
  • Sales Offers
  • Incentivize True Fans
Upon completion of the Monetize Your Music Ministry Coaching Program, you can expect:
  • More income coming into music ministry/business
  • A path to full-time ministry
  • Be recognized for your work
  • Reach more people with your message and testimony
  • Get strategies for generating income right away
  • Generate excitement for your music
  • More attention for your music
  • Validation of your gifts and talent
  • Implementation of digital marketing principles that make traditional marketing strategies more effective
This program is for you if:
  • You have at least a recorded single to sell or are recording a single and you want to grow your revenue in the next year
  • You want to impact more lives
  • You’re tired of the unfulfilled promises of the music industry
  • You are DONE with relying on others and you’re ready to take control and move forward on your own terms
  • You are READY to move your music career in a new direction
  • You are READY to invest the time, money and energy necessary to manifest income in your music ministry!
The Program Includes:
  • A 6-month private coaching program designed to help you grow your music ministry, using the power of audience, marketing, and sales
  • A Fan Journey Audit to see where you are and what we should be focusing on
  • 60-minute bi-weekly private coaching calls with Simone to help you map out your strategy and check-in to make sure we’re on target (hosted via Zoom video conference so you can share your screen and get real-time feedback)
  • Recordings of all coaching sessions for you to listen to and learn from later
  • Action steps so you know exactly what to do each week
  • Unlimited access to me via Voxer app Sunday through Thursday during your program for questions and guidance
  • Worksheets and templates as needed to help you move forward

That's the program in a nutshell. What do you think? Please leave your two biggest questions in the comment field below. I want to know what's on your mind.

Links for this masterclass series

The Fan Journey | How to Introduce Your Music to New Listeners | Your Introduction Video

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  1. Maybe just a little bit more of a tease to answer the question "what are the actual steps towards achieving the goals outlined in 'The Fan Journey Process' and 'Upon Completion' unordered lists above?"

    Without wanting to sound cliche' what will this all cost? How do you get compensated for your time? How is that linked to my success as an artist?

    I have been really inspired and in awe of seeing you develop your brand over the last few years! MORE POWER to you my dear.


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