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June 14, 2018

Marketing Lessons from Top Artists

On top of all of the other things you need to do as a musician (setting up gigs, practicing new music, coming up with lyrics, lugging your gear from show to show and more), marketing can seem like just one more thing. However, marketing is the backbone of every music career. Everyone from your local gospel choir to Taylor Swift relies on great marketing to make money and get more fans. What marketing lessons can you take from the hottest artists today?

Your Name Matters

A great deal of music marketing will take care of itself if you have a great band name that immediately conveys something about your sound, your story or your brand. Journalists, talent buyers and fans will be much more likely to want to listen to your music if your name is something that they immediately identify with. Let’s take one of the most popular Christian music groups, Casting Crowns. The name comes from Revelation 4:10-11. Beyond the origin of the name, it also implies down-to-earth music (casting conjures the idea of fishing or metal casting). The right name will peak interest and get great results.

Know Your Story

What makes you so passionate about music? Is there a story about your life or your music that would draw in interest before your song even starts? The story behind the music that you make is just as important as your name and the story you want to tell.

You Need an Objective Perspective

As a musician, you will encounter many people that say “yes” to everything you want to do. It’s more important to have someone close to you that can be honest and forthcoming with what you’re doing. Is your latest album on brand? Are the clothes you’re wearing to gigs appropriate for your sound? There is much to be said for being unique, but it’s important to take an objective perspective and see yourself as a third party would.

Be Unique

Finally, as we just mentioned, be unique! You will never stand out if you look exactly like everyone else. You will never be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s perfectly fine! Think about how polarizing some of the most popular artists today are. I’m sure you can name at least 2 people off the top of your head who dislike Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Justin Timberlake. Instead of worrying about the people who don’t like your music, focus on the people that do.

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