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November 2, 2017

The Importance of Music Business Education

Being a successful musician is about more than late nights spent practicing, booking gigs and writing new songs. It’s also about running a business. When you are your own boss and employee, knowledge of music business basics is essential.

Practical Industry Experience

Learning about the business side of the music industry is partially valuable because it gives you so much practical industry experience. You will get to learn about how to improve your songwriting skills and your performance skills, but also how to do essential tasks like book gigs and file your taxes. The more knowledge you receive through learning about the music business, the better equipped you will be to handle the frequent changes in the industry.

Adapt to New Changes

Traditionally, the music industry required a big break to record an album, but the internet has changed everything. The best way to learn about all of the changes in the music industry is through music business education. You will learn more about your potential revenue streams and how to take charge of your own music career. An educated artist will have a great deal of creative control over their work and know the ins and outs of contracts—areas where musicians of the past often suffered from their naivety.

Well Rounded Knowledge

Many artists have a great deal of knowledge about the instrument they play and the type of music that they compose. However, most self-taught musicians without additional music business education don’t have a well-rounded body of knowledge. By expanding your body of knowledge, you will be better equipped at working with the many producers, musicians and booking staff that you encounter on the job.

Marketing & Promotion

If you devote time to learning one thing, marketing and promotion should be it. The right marketing can catapult your songs into the spotlight, attract new fans and help to cover for any shortcomings that you have.

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