September 9, 2016

He’s Got You!

1 Peter 5:7 (NLT) “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.”

Hello Beautifuls:

A few weeks ago, I was once again reminded that God cares about my cares. For some reason I was feeling very heavy in an emotional way and I could not shake it. I did not quite know why I felt the way I was feeling because there was so much on my mind. Since it was a Wednesday, I figured I’d go to prayer meeting: I don’t usually go and I hoped that maybe it could help lighten my mood. I attended prayer meeting and appreciated the message and I did feel a bit lighter, but not completely. When I left church, I planned to go to the gas station then to the grocery store. Between the gas station and the grocery store, I learned, via text, that my Uncle Archie passed away. Confusion washed over me and I didn’t know if I should still go to the store. My stern inner voice said, “Your life didn’t stop. You still need to go to the store for fruit and vegetables.”

When I walked into the store, I felt as if I was in a haze. As I “floated” through the produce, I heard someone call to me. It was Danny from church (who knew my dad while he was alive). We started talking and he testified to me about what he was going through and how he was holding on to faith. He expressed that the pastor’s message was confirmation that he was doing what he needed to do. His testimony was exactly what I needed to hear! A phrase he used to describe how God assured Him gave me chills. “I got you!” That’s exactly what God says to me when I worry about money! I almost cried. I told him, “God used the pastor to speak to you and He is now using you to speak to me.” We both got chills. We hugged a couple times then went our separate ways. My heaviness was gone.

Sometimes the message you need to hear will come from something or someone you weren’t quite expecting. God may take you all around the bend so that you will be at the place where He will finally meet your need. If we are willing to be transparent and open with one another, God can use us more often to help each other along life’s path. We are not alone and our lives are not our own. God placed us in each other’s life path for the reason of holding a hand, giving a push, giving a pull and/or giving an encouraging word.

My challenge to you is to be willing to be there for someone else: be kind, be helpful, and be encouraging.


Kelli Raí

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