January 25, 2009

Biz Booster Tip #8

Question: Where do I find a manager?

Are you ready to be managed?

Being managed is sharing your goals with someone who can help you maintain a career overview, “the big picture,” and works towards helping you achieve those goals.

This person doesn’t have to be part of an established management firm.

Many artists, from known major acts to those lesser known, work with family members, trusted friends or highly enthusiastic fans to help them manage their careers.

This can last until an established management firm becomes interested in the act or it can last throughout the artist’s entire career.

The best management relationship is one that is trusted, enthusiastic and committed to the artist’s success.

There are plenty of resources available for anyone to access and use to grow an artist’s career; there are far fewer people in your inner circle of supporters. Look to them first before handing over your career to someone unknown to you.

Again, check out Jeri Goldstein’s tele-seminar:
Hot Tips about Working with Managers


This is part of an email series for Indie artists from Jeri Goldstein of Performingbiz.com. This Biz Booster Tip is the last in this series answering some of the most asked questions by artists like you.

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