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What I help my clients with


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I help you elevate your brand, create powerful content, build your tribe of ideal fans and master the art of online marketing and social media.


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I help you build your infrastructure to and get set up to earn revenue from your music ministry.


Indie Musician and Media Community

I help you package your brand into offers your fans will LOVE.

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About Simone

Simone Henry is the Founder of ECHE (pronounced eh-shay) Music, an artist services company serving independent Christian recording artists. ECHE focuses on helping artists make money with their music by branding themselves and building their fan bases.

Simone grew up in the church, singing in many groups and choirs from the time she was seven years old.  These experiences fostered her love of many different styles of music.  This is where the seed was nurtured within and created a strong desire to see Christian artists succeed in getting their messages out to bigger audiences.

God took Simone's experiences with singing as well as working in IT and combined it all.  This is how ECHE was born. “I believe Christian artists with a positive message for the world should not be broke,” Simone says.

“This awesome lady, Simone Henry, is someone who really looks out for independent artists. If you don't know about ECHE Music, please do look into it. Valuable opportunities and info." Says Kyla Simone.