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Being in Music Ministry Should Not Be a Struggle

If you don't have an all-inclusive marketing strategy for your music, your ministry can have several problems. As a gifted Christian recording artist, do you:
Need exposure for your music
Need to make more money in your music career
Don't have the right contacts to push your music
Need a bigger fan base
Need consistent engagements
Need help consistently engaging your fan base

Step-by-Step Walkthrough and Implementation of the Monetize Your Music Ministry Blueprint

Everything you need

To grow your fan base and monetize your ministry

Get the marketing and promotion you need to get your music in front of potential fans and the coaching needed to help you grow and engage your fan base more consistently.

Take the mystery out of having a successful music ministry on your own terms

Branding Boot Camp & Audit
Find, Engage and Grow Your Unique Fan Base 
Monetize Your Music Ministry
One-on-one Coaching

Your Plan for Becoming a Profitable Christian Artist


Sign Up on the Call with Simone

Sign up for customized plan during your assessment call with Simone


Submit Music and Craft Plan

Send music and information to Simone and map out plan on first coaching call.


Achieve Growth

Grow your music ministry by nurturing your new and existing fans.

Simone and her team put the "w" in wow factor. Their out of the box thinking and attention to detail clearly set them apart from other digital marketing services. Hint! Inquire about the purple cow.(wink)

I am pleased to be a client and highly recommend ECHE Music.

Alton Hood, Nimisilla Park

I needed help promoting my new cd because even though I have a lot of friends on social media I am not computer savvy and lack advertising skills. At the same time I wanted to introduce my group conSoul-Jah who would be working on a new cd.

Simone faced that challenge head on. First she had us do an impromptu video covering an old song. We did that and received over 30k views on YouTube [the most of any of my videos] and on social media. We were also able to announce our plans for a new cd.

She also helped me to monetize some of these sites and platforms including my website which is starting to get more hits and sales. Also she helped me to create a mailing list which is presently growing. We are primed and positioned to continue to promote my music and incorporate the work of the group. I am totally satisfied and grateful for Simone's work ethic and positive attitude which she instilled in me. Thank you Simone and God bless you and your continued service in His name.

Clarence Hilliard, Jr.

Simone serves as an experienced mentor and coach while bringing years of knowledge to the table. I feel poised to move to the next level in my ministry because of her. I truly feel like one of the family and believe that God designed this connection just for me!

Weiner Crumbly, H.E.R.S. by Weiner

Services Tailored to Your Needs


We work together to craft your main message and then make sure that your visual branding matches that message.


Work with radio servicing vendors to make sure your music gets to terrestrial and Internet radio stations that feature fresh new music from Independent artists. Many of the stations are BDS reporting stations. 

The PR push will get you and your music out to blogs, podcasts and in some cases bigger media outlets.


Digital ads are important for growing your fan base as well as making sure your content is in front of people at all times even when you are unsure what to say. Digital ads include sponsored songs, ads designed for brand awareness as well as for prompting those who are aware of your brand to take action.


We'll work together to come up with a concept for your videos and then I'll coordinate with a trusted vendor to get the video done. Also I'll create a lyric video for each single.


I'll help you claim your digital streaming profiles if you haven't already and spruce up the branding. Then I'll help you submit your application to be added to the editorial playlists. Once your single is released, I'll push it to the appropriate independent playlist curators


We'll set up your email list to welcome all the new people who hear your music and are interested in learning more about you. Your email system will nurture them and turn them into fans and superfans..