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Introducing our all-in-one and done-for-you music marketing and promotion package for independent artists. This comprehensive service includes everything you need to take your music career to the next level, without the hassle of managing multiple vendors. We've got you covered with our marketing and promotion plan which includes upleveling your web presence, social media marketing and targeted advertising campaigns to help you reach a larger audience and build your fan base. And, to ensure you achieve your goals, we offer a free consultation with an experienced industry professional, who will provide you with advice and guidance on how to achieve them. And as an extra bonus, we guarantee 10X the number of followers within three months. All in one and done for you, we make it easy for you to focus on your music, while we take care of the rest!

Don't let the challenges of being an independent artist hold you back from reaching your full potential. Sign up for your website and marketing package today and start leveling up your online presence as a professional musician.

Professional Website

This is your online home to showcase your talents, connect with fans, share your music, videos, and other content with the world. 

We'll create a professional-looking website for you within two weeks! No technical skills are required on your part. Just give us some ideas of sites that you like and we'll do the rest. We will customize the look and feel, add your music and videos, and connect with your fans through social media. 

Our platform also offers a variety of tools and features to help you sell your music and grow your income.

We use the proven clear storytelling methods to build high conversion websites and sales funnels prompting website visitors to take action.

Your site will be mobile friendly & mobile-optimized. Constant monitoring & modifying for ever-changing Google Best Practices.

Stop the Scroll - Social Media Marketing

We understand the importance of reaching new audiences and growing your brand through social media advertising. That's why we've developed a comprehensive social media advertising service that helps you achieve your goals.

Our team of experts specializes in crafting and executing effective social media advertising campaigns across multiple platforms. Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, or boost sales, we can help. We offer a range of services, including ad creation, targeting, and optimization to ensure your ads reach the right people at the right time.

Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible return on investment for your social media advertising spend. We use a data-driven approach to identify the most effective targeting options and ad formats for your business and track the performance of your campaigns in real time.

Don't let the complexity of social media advertising hold you back. Get started today and start seeing real results from your advertising efforts. Let us help you reach new audiences and grow your brand through social media advertising.

Personal dashboard - see everything in one place

Your dashboard the ultimate solution for keeping track of all your important information in one convenient place. Our dashboard is designed to make it easy for you to see everything you need to know, all in one place.

You can access all of your important data and information, including social media analytics, sales, and more, all in one easy-to-use interface. No more logging into multiple platforms or switching between different tabs.

Your new dashboard also functions as your CRM (customer relationship manager). You can store your contact list, send emails, mass text message broadcasts, schedule bookings and more!

Stop wasting time juggling multiple platforms and services. Sign up today and start seeing everything you need to know and doing everything you need to do, all in one place.

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  • Mobile-responsive website with ecommerce
  • SEO
  • Monitoring, hosting and daily backups
  • On-demand updates

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  • Mobile-responsive website with ecommerce
  • SEO
  • Monitoring, hosting and daily backups
  • On-demand updates
  • Weekly or bi-weekly social media, blog, or YouTube content

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  • Mobile-responsive website with ecommerce
  • SEO
  • Monitoring, hosting and daily backups
  • On-demand updates
  • Weekly or bi-weekly social media, blog, or YouTube content
  • Facebook Ads

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  • personal dashboard and CRM
  • Email Marketing platform
  • Social Media scheduler
  • Contact list
  • Text message marketing
  • Calendar scheduling
  • and much more!

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